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Allergies, everyone at least knows someone who suffers from them, but what about our pets? We don’t see them with a pocket full a tissues and drawer stuffed with medication so it’s not something that comes to mind.

Just like us though, dogs and cats can be allergy sufferers too.  It can manifest itself as the normal sneezing, coughing, and congestion, that we expect, but more often than not it is their skin that is afflicted. Constant itching, licking, and digging, leading to bald spots and red, sometimes, infected skin.

What are they allergic too?

Well anything can be an allergen and it may not even be just one thing. There can be many allergens that together are overwhelming, or one allergen that sets off a severe reaction. It could be something in the air, in your house, in the yard, or even in their food. Fleas and other parasites can even be a cause of their allergies. Unless it is obvious like, scruffy has fleas and now he is bald, you will most likely never find out what specifically is the cause.

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Well what can I do?

Schedule an Appointment

To start I recommend taking your pet to your veterinarian to see what is best in treating your pets particular symptoms and what can be done to prevent future problems. Whether that be through diet change, medication, or other treatment. Each pets’ allergies are different and, unfortunately, there is no cure all.

Maintain and Prevent

Unfortunately there is no pill or shot that makes allergies go away forever, so there is a good possibility that your pet will have their symptoms return. It is important to catch and treat this before it gets too severe. Make sure they are getting their allergy medication as needed, whether that be seasonal or all year round. It is much easier to prevent flare ups than treat full blown rashes and infection.

 CALL US, We are here for you.

Please do not try and treat this on your own, even if you don’t think it is too serious give us a call. We may be able to advise you on what to do next. Whether that be over the counter medications, shampoos, or diet changes, phone calls are free and can fast track your pet to feeling better.